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NCCH Proud to Offer Housing Support for Akron Area Veterans

November 11, 2022

Author: Angela Sedivy

North Coast Community Homes is known for providing safe, stable, and supportive home environments for individuals with developmental disabilities and those living with mental health challenges. In Akron, NCCH is proud to partner with Community Support Services to offer a safe and secure environment specifically for veterans.

Since 2014, NCCH has provided affordable housing for veterans experiencing homelessness. Through CSS and connections to community-based supports, veterans have been able to receive help to address the underlying concerns that may have led to homelessness.

“What is so wonderful is that NCCH and CSS have truly partnered to offer a safe and secure environment.” Chris West, CEO and President of North Coast Community Homes explained, “We start by giving them a home which creates stability. CSS is then able to offer the supportive services to help address the needs and challenges faced by veterans.”

Studies suggest that veterans are more vulnerable to certain health and psychosocial problems than other adults because of their higher exposure to combat-related trauma and geographic dislocation for military deployment. The strongest and most consistent risk factors are substance use disorders and mental health issues, followed by low income and other income-related factors.

The Veteran Safe Haven home is a grounding environment. West offered, “It is set up more as a short-term housing option. During their stay, residents are encouraged to utilize provided services that include medical and psychiatric treatment offered through the VA.”

West continued, “We recognize that the needs and challenges faced by veterans are unique. North Coast Community Homes provides a high-quality living environment, removing a barrier. CSS coordinates the resources, identifies gaps in services provided, and problem solves on behalf of the veteran.”

To complete an initial intake and screening for Supportive Services for Veteran Families Program (SSVF) contact, 2-1-1, United Way of Summit & Medina.

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